Diamond and Jewelry

A woman in a ball gown with her hands on her hips, to her right (the viewer's left) is a androgynous person in sparkling gold, and a woman with an updo in a magenta gown. To the left (the viewer's right) of the central woman is a Prince in royal garb, and next to him are his parents the King and Queen.

Cinderella: Reimagined

Cinderella has landed on Amazon Prime (and select theatres) and Rodgers and Hammerstein it is not, this jukebox musical adaptation is a reimagining of the classic tale. The movie is undeniably pretty though and the costumes (including our favorite part - the jewelry) are beautiful. If they had called this somethi...

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Are Men's Watches More Expensive Than Women's Watches blog post.

Are Men’s Watches More Expensive Than Women’s Watches?

Are Men's Watches More Expensive Than Women's Watches? A simple yet complex question to answer. Although there are high-end expensive women's watches that have been produced such as The Graff Hallucination (see more detail below) with a price tag of $55,000,000 and The Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette (see ...

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JCK Las Vegas

2021 Rapaport “State Of The Diamond Industry” Review

JCK Las Vegas For nearly 30 years JCK Las Vegas has been a lodestone event for the diamond, gem, and jewelry trade, connecting suppliers from around the globe with front-line retailers during slow summers, in anticipation of the prosperous holiday season. After a pandemic-related year off JCK Las Vegas resumed w...

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Loops of diamonds with emerald drops as part of the Vladimir Tiara

The Cambridge Emeralds

In a previous blog I said that I would come back to the Cambridge Emeralds, and so here we are. There is a complicated but interesting story about how they came to be in Queen Elizabeth II’s collection. When Princess Charlotte of Wales died unexpectedly, the sons of her Grandfather, King George III had to make a ...

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Style File Beyoncé blog post. Image Source: Pinterest.

Style File: Beyoncé

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter needs no introduction. Her birthday is fast approaching and in true PriceScope fashion, we are here to celebrate the music icon and showcase her jaw-dropping jewelry collection. Get to know Beyoncé, and take a glimpse at her jaw-dropping jewelry collection. Who is Beyoncé? [caption i...

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Jewelry and Images Property of Cartier, Mejuri, Ana Louisa, and Shay Jewelry.

Fun Jewelry vs Investment Jewelry

Historically, there’s always been a fairly clear division of costume and semi-fine/fine jewelry. If you wanted the look of a fine jewelry piece but didn’t want to pay the price, you could get the look for less with a costume piece.  These days, there’s a new hybrid category, and what it should be called is still…...

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jotw august 2021

Jewels of the Week: August 2021

Each Friday on the PriceScope Facebook page we celebrate the Jewel of the Week! From the Show Me the Bling! forum, one recently posted jewelry piece belonging to a PriceScope member is chosen to be featured. We love this tradition, and we love getting to enjoy all that shiny new bling! August did not let us down,...

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Throwback Thursdays: August 2021

Throwback Thursdays: August 2021

On Throwback Thursdays, we here at PriceScope celebrate the jewels of our past. Every day on the Show Me the Bling! forum, community members share their new bling for us all to enjoy. We’ve accumulated over a decade worth of fabulous additions from our members. The community at PriceScope is like no other and it’s a...

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