PriceScope is the largest online diamond and jewelry community in the world, with over 100,000 registered members and more than 200,000 forum threads. An independent and unbiased resource for 20 years, PriceScope aims to help consumers get the best value, whether they purchase online or in person.

Members can search through over 450,000 diamonds from PriceScope-vetted vendors and better prepare themselves with helpful tools and educational articles and tutorials by industry experts on a number of topics, from how to buy an engagement ring and wedding bands to the latest innovations in diamond cutting and laboratory grading.

With a strict “no sales” policy, the forum provides a safe, no-pressure environment for members to ask questions, share pictures of diamonds or jewelry, chat with friends, and post reviews of vendors, brands, and designers.

Whether you need help buying your first diamond, are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable community to share your thoughts and finds, or are a jewelry connoisseur wanting to stay up-to-date, PriceScope is the place for you.




Andrey Pilipchak
President, CEO

Coming from a software development background, Andrey is a quintessential “numbers guy” - he’s passionate about finding and providing data, like his popular monthly Diamond Pricing Report, that helps PS members and visitors make informed decisions. Andrey is equally dedicated to educating the consumers by bringing in industry professionals to contribute high-quality educational content and building valuable relationships with trusted partners and vendors that put an emphasis on quality and customer service.


Gloria Cheng
Marketing Director

Gloria has a background in Marketing and Public Relations and is a certified AJP (GIA). She has worked in a wide range of industries, from technology to real estate to non-profits, and comes most recently from the art and music world. She inherited a love of jewelry from her grandmother, which led to her very serious and passionate collecting of fine antique and vintage jewelry. She loves stones and jewelry that have history and sentiment - the oldest piece in her collection is an 18kt yellow gold Georgian floral brooch set with table-cut diamonds from the 1700s.


Bianca MacDonald
VA, Social Media Assistant

Bianca is a Copywriter who has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Digital Marketing from Vega School of Brand Leadership. Mac Donald's content creation for PriceScope Inc. comes from her enthusiasm for Gemology and passion for Jewelry. Mac Donald has previously marketed brands in the beauty, travel, and tourism industry. Her aim is to create content that is engaging, conversational, and adds value to people's lives. In her spare time, Mac Donald works together with non-governmental organizations in Africa to promote human rights, and empower young adults from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.


Forum Moderator

Ella has been moderating the PriceScope jewelry forums for over 10 years.


Dave Atlas
Diamond Concierge Lead

Dave started in the jewelry industry as a jewelry bench mechanic and wholesaler in 1967, and continues today as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, NAJA Certified Senior Appraiser, and educator. He has also been an expert contributor on PriceScope since 2000 and wants to continue to help consumers find incredible stones and avoid costly mistakes.


Kayti Kawachi
Content Creator

Kayti is a Social Media Manager and blogger, she loves to write and create valuable connections between people online. Kayti spends a lot of time chasing her young daughter, so any time to escape into the beautiful, opulent world of jewelry is a welcome luxury.


John Pollard

John designs PriceScope’s educational content, helping consumers make confident, informed decisions when buying online. A board certified educator with over 20 years experience, John has conducted training and seminars for jewelry professionals on three continents, including some of the world’s leading luxury brands. As a subject-matter expert for diamond producers and grading laboratories, he has given workshops in New York, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Antwerp, including sessions for Jewelers of America, JCK Las Vegas, the International Gemological Institute, the American Gem Society Conclave, the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association and others. John is a lifelong musician and music education advocate, serving on the Board Of Directors for Music For All.

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