Exceptional experience with Martin at USA Certified Diamonds

Yansui Wang

Feb 3, 2020

I was initially wary of purchasing a diamond ring online, from a smaller shop. Also as a member of the Millenials, I also did not trust this website very much given it looks like it was built at the same time Yahoo! was built. However, Martin proved me wrong and helped to deliver the engagement ring that my now-wife has dreamt of her entire life.

Let me describe my ring buying process:

- I was looking for a 3+ caract, which was fairly rare and has huge amount of volatility in prices. However, I found one offered by Martin's shop that has an unbeatable price.

- I contacted Martin in April 2020, and immediately he was extremely responsive and helped me answering all my questions. He also reassured me of my worries - because this involves sending money abroad and shipping high value items.

- I found the diamond to be a bit cheaper than market / big name retailer and Martin offered an extremely competitive pricing

- I wanted a custom setting for the ring, and Martin's team was able to consult with me and nail down the details over phone / online.

- Martin and his team handheld me through the entire process, which included a Pandemic. During the quarantine lockdown, after I send in the payment, shipping was on lock down for the next 2 months. Martin and his team kept me updated throughout the process and made sure I received the ring as soon as possible

- He was able to give me official documentation / GIA certificates fo the diamond to ensure I did indeed receive what I purchased

- Even though he operated out of New York / Canada, Martin also had contacts in local San Francisco who ended up helping me with some last mile problems. I ordered the ring a size too small and found out 3 days before my proposal. His jewler contact in SF was able to rush size and got the perfect fit for me.

- Overall, I am happy with everything Martin and his team has delivered. Would recommend and you probably end up with a better price and diamond than big name retailers.

Anyway, in the end in July 2020 I was able to propose to my wife with the Finger Dumbell that Martin helped me to procure. She is going to get carpel tunnel in her old age, but she's happy with that just as I am happy with what I spend $ and that's all that matters.

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